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Shine Original - A hybrid of denim & fashion wear

Individual & innovative // Stylish affordable quality // Danish design heritage // Rebellious & playfull // Blue blood mentality.


To develop cool quality fashion jeans wear at a stylish and affordable price level!


We want to provide our friends with the coolest jeans, ever made!

The brand concept

Shine original is a hybrid of denim and fashion wear, emphasising the diversity personality has no rules – no code, nor do we. Individuality is about creation of oneself. It’s all about being in demand and setting the agenda we know how important individual style and personal image is. We are enthusiastic original individuals, we travel, explore music, various places, art - basically, we see inspiration in whatever is going on, around us. We strive to continually develop, design and discover new fabrics, trimmings and inspiration to create collections, which holds attitude, aesthetics, coolness and diversity on several levels, yet at an affordable price level. We encourage our friends to create their own individual style – and be original!

Blue blood mentality

Feel the beat– the deep resounding base, rapidly pumping life through the veins. - we are passionate denim admires and creators. Our hearts are pumping blood - through indigo blue veins. For us, each pair of jeans is something unique we embrace the craftsmanship, technology and the heritage of denim wear, and take pride in the continuous search, development and design process, to provide our friends with the coolest jeans. From each time you wear your Shine Original jeans, they will continue to gain the patina, history and character you imbue them with, eventually a pair of jeans will brag about your movements, your life, your style and your individuality.